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Seven days to Nationals

Tonight I had my third-to-last practice before Nationals.  My head was not in the game. I kept catching myself off time with stroke seat because my brain kept going off on rabbit trails.  Angry, I’d mentally chastise myself and focus … Continue reading

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Time winds down for Rowing Nationals

People are making travel plans. They want to know the race schedule. I opened Microsoft Word and created a preliminary trailer packing list. The treasurer is buying extra uniforms; people are paying their membership fees; the race organizing committee announces … Continue reading

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Master’s Nationals Training Pictures

With less than a month to go, it’s hard to juggle all the boats and the training time.  Rowing right now isn’t always fun or easy.  The boats are doing hard 1000-meter pieces.  As coach says, they are dirty, vicious, … Continue reading

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Faster, stronger, longer

It’s summer, which means our Florida weather is unstable again.  Already we’ve faced a Tropical Storm and the last several days been full of high winds and puffy storms floating in off the gulf.  After two years of bone-dry, burning … Continue reading

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If you row long enough, will the pain go away?

No pain, no gain, right? That contradicts directly with the philosophy of “listen to your body.”   When do you know to ease off and when to push through? I attempted the 12 x 400 piece Tuesday, but my back … Continue reading

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Week 1 2REW & Food

One week has passed.  I’ve managed to hit everything in 2REW except a second row.   A thick bank of white fog blocked us from rowing Wednesday.    The halo from the car lights down the ramp was very cool, … Continue reading

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The Sahara Desert

This morning we had a pre-race technical practice for more technique work and to familiarize our cox’n with the waterway and crew. Mary C.  took these awesome videos of us rowing.     Isn’t it awful rowing in Sarasota? ———————————————— … Continue reading

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