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Ergatta Accomplished

We’re walking and Alan says, “I’d like to go to REI sometime soon and try on some climbing shoes.” “Well,” I say. “Cincinnati Indoor is this coming weekend. We could go and make a day of it.” So, literally, six … Continue reading

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Rowing Blisters

Hamburger Hands.  Shredded Meat.   Craters of the Moon.  Rower hands. Oysters. Call them what you want, but it’s all the same.   Blisters.  If you row, you have blisters, and calluses, too. One week as I walked around my … Continue reading

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Life Lessons Learned from Rowing

1)   You are responsible for your actions My first rowing coach often quipped, “Now, everyone up and into your stateroom.”   The way he spoke about getting situated and taking care of business in your “stateroom” made rowing sound like a … Continue reading

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Are you injured…or not?

Since SIR we’ve been hitting the water with the aim of improving our leg strength. The worst workout in the past week was the 2 x 10 min erg at a damper 10 (highest resistance) at a low rate, like … Continue reading

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If you row long enough, will the pain go away?

No pain, no gain, right? That contradicts directly with the philosophy of “listen to your body.”   When do you know to ease off and when to push through? I attempted the 12 x 400 piece Tuesday, but my back … Continue reading

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Hell hath no fury…

…like an 8 x 500m erg workout. I’ll admit I complained a bit and said, “can’t it be six for the first one?  Built it up two every week?”   But I sucked it up and did it. For all … Continue reading

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