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Flipping crazy

Marlene Royle introduced us to the drills “King of the Mountain” and the “Joy of Backing” during her summer clinics.     Today, I renamed the drills “Queen of the Lagoon” and “Disaster at Backing.” I popped in the green … Continue reading

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Coach Poetry

From Coach Randy this morning: Smoke on the water/fire in the sky   And: 5 on 5/want to die   This one is from me: Rowing Silk on the water silent slide slowly arise enter quiet EXPLODE! hush swing away … Continue reading

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Weather musings…

On my way down to the boatyard this morning, I started considering the weather.  Today was a misty 58F, not too bad for this time of year.   Before Wednesday’s cold front, we’d enjoyed amazingly warm temperatures, even for Florida. … Continue reading

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Hell hath no fury…

…like an 8 x 500m erg workout. I’ll admit I complained a bit and said, “can’t it be six for the first one?  Built it up two every week?”   But I sucked it up and did it. For all … Continue reading

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Teaching Others

There’s a poster out there, inaccurate but still thoughtful, that says “You retain 10% of what you hear, 20% of what you write….(blah blah) and 90% of what you teach.” Even though the poster isn’t true in terms of its … Continue reading

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Week 1 2REW & Food

One week has passed.  I’ve managed to hit everything in 2REW except a second row.   A thick bank of white fog blocked us from rowing Wednesday.    The halo from the car lights down the ramp was very cool, … Continue reading

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