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My Boat Got an Upgrade & Other Training Notes

May ended with a big question mark. The good news is I haven’t had any problems since then. Even better: an awesome Fluidesign birthday present. Continue reading

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April Rowing, Gains Be Showing

After a rollercoaster winter training, I finally had a whole month that went according to plan! Hurray! I wrote a four-week training schedule with 35 total sessions. I managed to accomplish 77% of them. When I had to sacrifice, weightlifting … Continue reading

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Ergatta Accomplished

We’re walking and Alan says, “I’d like to go to REI sometime soon and try on some climbing shoes.” “Well,” I say. “Cincinnati Indoor is this coming weekend. We could go and make a day of it.” So, literally, six … Continue reading

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Gosh, Erg Tests Hurt.

The training week began with a planned 1k test Friday morning. You’d think with all that lead time, I’d have a testing strategy mapped out. Hahaha. Why I couldn’t wrap my head around a 1k when a 2k is so … Continue reading

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Legs on fire

I think a 2k test is more challenging and difficult than the Hooch! The past few months have held many “firsts” and now I’ve just completed my first 2000-meter erg test.    At the end of racing the W8+ in … Continue reading

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Erg test

At the crack of dawn, I completed my erg test.  Average 2:10.2 spilt, 4615 meters.  🙂

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