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Mud, Buoys, and Handicaps: The Sarasota Invitational Regatta

I have attended four of the five Sarasota Invitational Regattas (I missed the first one because we were hunting for a place to live, ironically, in Sarasota) and this year’s SIR was the first one with GREAT weather. ¬†Sunshine, 70s, … Continue reading

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My First 1x Head Race

I woke up with light in my face and worried my alarm had not functioned. I cracked an eye. The clock glowed green, “1:36 a.m.” I reached out, pushed the clock away, and closed my eyes. At the proper time, … Continue reading

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Life After Racing

There is a life off the water. You can eat. You can drink. You can sleep in and travel without feeling guilty if you miss a workout. You can have fun on the water. I’ve done all of those. Last … Continue reading

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Sunday at Master’s Nationals

Another before sunrise alarm woke me up in time to prep my gear for the final day of competition at Nationals and to shovel down oatmeal and bananas. I dressed in my cleaned uniform and signature red hat for the … Continue reading

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Saturday at Master’s Nationals

The day broke with me scrambling behind and rumbling in the distance. I’d slept poorly because of a lightning storm popping all around our house. Alan asked at some ungodly hour, “Are you awake?” “Yes, I’m awake.” “Crazy storm.” “Yep.” … Continue reading

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Friday at Master’s Nationals

With no scheduled events for me today, I took my time to cheer on my stroke seat racing in the Mixed A 2x and other rowing friends, explore the venue, rest, and prepare for the next two days. Five seat … Continue reading

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Master’s Nationals Eve

I logged to see “12 hours to go!” The time is over! ¬†I have logged 133 days on the water with an estimated 1,101,100 kilometers, and 76 days on the erg (although I started keeping track of that a bit … Continue reading

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