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Rhythm of the Work

It’s hard to believe two months are left until FISA worlds.  Let that sink in. Two months. Training hit another smooth ride after a month-long blip. The theme has been “finding a rhythm.” Numbers show I’m regaining ground and speed. Caelan … Continue reading

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Faster, stronger, longer

It’s summer, which means our Florida weather is unstable again.  Already we’ve faced a Tropical Storm and the last several days been full of high winds and puffy storms floating in off the gulf.  After two years of bone-dry, burning … Continue reading

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Sunshine State Games

It’s summer in Florida and that means unpredictable weather season has begun again! After several years of summer drought, storms and winds plagued practice in the ten days or so leading up to Sunshine State Games.   I’d planned to … Continue reading

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Civil War

First a gorgeous golden full moon and then we spin around to a molten sunrise.  From this morning’s row:   The Civil War My brain and my body have entered into a duel.  I’m not sure who’s winning. See, all … Continue reading

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How I dropped 10+ pounds

About this time last year, I went to Las Vegas and needed to buy a new pair of jeans.   I bought a sexy little pair of dark navy jeans that showed off my curves.  Alan liked. In July we … Continue reading

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Goal #1 Obtained!

Before I headed out the door for the Saturday row (rained out), I stepped on our scale.    150.4!   Amazing!  Even after eating ice cream with chocolate syrup! My new theory:  eat something awful for your body once a … Continue reading

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