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Week 5: Race Prep Brings on the Nerves

All was well. The house, quiet. Lights, dark. Bed, cozy and warm. Alarm snoozed.  Out of the darkness: “Next week this time, you’ll be heading to Boston.” I blinked. Crap. In my mind, HOCR was nine days away, but I … Continue reading

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Bi a Tri: Disaster & Redemption

A triathlon is so far out of my wheelhouse, I started feeling a bit nervous last night because I had no idea what to expect. I’m competitive, so naturally I wanted to do well. But with zero experience at swimming … Continue reading

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Civil War

First a gorgeous golden full moon and then we spin around to a molten sunrise.  From this morning’s row:   The Civil War My brain and my body have entered into a duel.  I’m not sure who’s winning. See, all … Continue reading

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The Inner Voice

“Your mind will give up before your body does.” I can’t find the correct attribution, but I know I heard it while watching the Olympics in a segment about the long distance runners.   It’s one of two quotes I … Continue reading

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