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5 Things I Learned Rowing Solo and 5 Things I Miss About Rowing Teams

Someone asked me if I found it challenging to go from the team to training alone. Answer: definitively, yes. I’ve been thinking about the dynamic of a rowing team vs. rowing solo. Continue reading

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Miles Before Speed

I substituted in another boat this week. I didn’t mean to be rude, but when asked how it was, I answered, “It wasn’t a good workout. I’m going to have to go home and erg.” Which led to this reputation … Continue reading

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Light at the end of the tunnel?

Midway into January I feel like I’ve slumped.  Both at rowing, where I can’t keep my back straight and engaged (which is causing me to dip forward at the catch, lose power and possibly check the boat), but on land … Continue reading

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Nearing a goal

Yesterday morning I ran 3 miles without stopping.   A snail crossing molasses could run faster than me, but I kept on it.  5k here I come! It’s been tough to log water time lately.   We’ve had thunderstorms in … Continue reading

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Goal #1 Obtained!

Before I headed out the door for the Saturday row (rained out), I stepped on our scale.    150.4!   Amazing!  Even after eating ice cream with chocolate syrup! My new theory:  eat something awful for your body once a … Continue reading

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