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Thumbs…Up? Down? My Rowing Life in 2022

Thumbs up or thumbs down? The summary of how life as a Masters athlete has been going in 2022. It took six weeks in total to work the health care system before I was sitting across from a hand orthopedist office as he said, “you need surgery and you need it fast.” Continue reading

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Two strokes forward…one stroke back

Trust your instincts, and never roller blade without bubble wrap. Continue reading

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Rowing snaps to a halt

The Head of the Giblet was one of my last days rowing. I just didn’t know it yet. Right after Giblet, I followed in the footsteps of many Americans and hit the road to visit my family for the Thanksgiving holiday. … Continue reading

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Are you injured…or not?

Since SIR we’ve been hitting the water with the aim of improving our leg strength. The worst workout in the past week was the 2 x 10 min erg at a damper 10 (highest resistance) at a low rate, like … Continue reading

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This “month of love” has been difficult.  Sour times in the rowing world.  Impending regattas, slating, trailer woes, personality woes, just lip-curling sour, sour, sour! It’s hard to ignore the disgruntled feeling in the boat.  You’re all squished together and … Continue reading

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