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Fall training for the HOTC

Ever since Cuyahoga, all the focus has been on the Head of the Charles. I will be racing in two events, the Senior Masters Women’s coxed four and a Director’s Challenge Mixed 8+.  Continue reading

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A Swampy Scrimmage

The team put together a singles scrimmage this morning. By the bridge, the hose is on, the sky is gushing, and water runs down my back. Continue reading

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If You Give a Rower a Boat…

Training resumes. This month, I joined CrossFit, almost got a new boat, and rowed an 8+. Continue reading

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Week 6: It’s All About the Taper

I realized about four minutes into the piece that this was it.  My final erg session before the big day. Wow. It snuck up on me. Continue reading

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Rowing Rain Delay

After weeks of beautiful morning rows, the hammer came down. It was inevitable. The last three days have been one super soaker after another. If this keeps going, I’ll be able to row down the street. Our back yard is … Continue reading

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Saturday at Master’s Nationals

The day broke with me scrambling behind and rumbling in the distance. I’d slept poorly because of a lightning storm popping all around our house. Alan asked at some ungodly hour, “Are you awake?” “Yes, I’m awake.” “Crazy storm.” “Yep.” … Continue reading

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Faster, stronger, longer

It’s summer, which means our Florida weather is unstable again.  Already we’ve faced a Tropical Storm and the last several days been full of high winds and puffy storms floating in off the gulf.  After two years of bone-dry, burning … Continue reading

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Weather musings…

On my way down to the boatyard this morning, I started considering the weather.  Today was a misty 58F, not too bad for this time of year.   Before Wednesday’s cold front, we’d enjoyed amazingly warm temperatures, even for Florida. … Continue reading

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Nearing a goal

Yesterday morning I ran 3 miles without stopping.   A snail crossing molasses could run faster than me, but I kept on it.  5k here I come! It’s been tough to log water time lately.   We’ve had thunderstorms in … Continue reading

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