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Mud, Buoys, and Handicaps: The Sarasota Invitational Regatta

I have attended four of the five Sarasota Invitational Regattas (I missed the first one because we were hunting for a place to live, ironically, in Sarasota) and this year’s SIR was the first one with GREAT weather.  Sunshine, 70s, … Continue reading

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Protected: Master’s Nationals is one month away–and I’m frustrated.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Sunshine State Games

It’s summer in Florida and that means unpredictable weather season has begun again! After several years of summer drought, storms and winds plagued practice in the ten days or so leading up to Sunshine State Games.   I’d planned to … Continue reading

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Are you injured…or not?

Since SIR we’ve been hitting the water with the aim of improving our leg strength. The worst workout in the past week was the 2 x 10 min erg at a damper 10 (highest resistance) at a low rate, like … Continue reading

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Don’t be afraid

Tomorrow is my first regatta of the season and I went out on a limb. Way, way, way far out. As I sat at my computer Wednesday night, the final entry deadline, I wavered between nothing and something. Then Alan … Continue reading

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This “month of love” has been difficult.  Sour times in the rowing world.  Impending regattas, slating, trailer woes, personality woes, just lip-curling sour, sour, sour! It’s hard to ignore the disgruntled feeling in the boat.  You’re all squished together and … Continue reading

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If you row long enough, will the pain go away?

No pain, no gain, right? That contradicts directly with the philosophy of “listen to your body.”   When do you know to ease off and when to push through? I attempted the 12 x 400 piece Tuesday, but my back … Continue reading

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