If you row long enough, will the pain go away?

No pain, no gain, right?

That contradicts directly with the philosophy of “listen to your body.”   When do you know to ease off and when to push through?

I attempted the 12 x 400 piece Tuesday, but my back seized up around piece four.   I opted to push to number six before I gave into my body and quit the erg.

In anticipation of re-attempting the piece, I skipped this morning’s weightlifting session.  After work, I jumped on the erg and worked through a 15 minute warm up.    By the end, the muscles in my lower back and along my spine felt tense after trying to keep my chest high.   I stretched out and jumped back on for the pieces.

Again, at number 4, it felt like someone took a wrench and turned it as far as it would go and then some.    I thought I might get to six and then run the rest of the pieces so I’d least get the cardio work.

After sacrificing spilt times for lighter pressure, higher rate, I felt okay at six.   I hopped off, walked and stretched.  I exceeded my two minute rest, but not so far that my heart rate came back down.   I’m sure my Amish neighbors appreciated the dripping, cherry spandex-clad woman sprawling out around the back deck in my yard, tush high in the air.

Seven I took a little slower and easier, but jumped right back on at number 8.

At nine, I had this weird sensation.   Here’s what I see when I erg:

The view from the machine.

The view from the machine.

Remember in Hitchcock’s films, or some other horror film, when the camera lens simultaneously zooms in while rearing back?    Looking out the door, I saw that.  I swear the door frame curved out and the bushes began pulsing in that weird way.

Is that supposed to happen?

By the way, I made it all the way to 12, albeit redder than a firetruck and oozing sweat.  Luckily I hadn’t eaten since 2 o’clock, otherwise I may have thrown up.   But I finished, which begs the question, “If you row long enough, will the pain go away?”

I may be rowing for a long, long time after this one.

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