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Definition of Rowing

Describe rowing to someone that hasn’t tried it.  It’s tough to capture all the nuisances, the exhilaration and the work, the technique and the effort, the zen and the war.  But Meghan O’Leary, an Olympic 2016 hopeful, I think has … Continue reading

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This “month of love” has been difficult.  Sour times in the rowing world.  Impending regattas, slating, trailer woes, personality woes, just lip-curling sour, sour, sour! It’s hard to ignore the disgruntled feeling in the boat.  You’re all squished together and … Continue reading

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If you row long enough, will the pain go away?

No pain, no gain, right? That contradicts directly with the philosophy of “listen to your body.”   When do you know to ease off and when to push through? I attempted the 12 x 400 piece Tuesday, but my back … Continue reading

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Sit up!

Last week, our coach got on my case about sitting up.  In a previous post, I mentioned how I was reaching more at the catch and throwing a check in the boat.    After the practice, he said what I … Continue reading

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