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2021 Head of the Cuyahoga

I enter the Women’s Masters 1x at the Head of the Cuyahoga, setting the goal that this will a reconnaissance row for a winning attempt in 2022. I don’t feel ready. Head of the Cuyahoga is known for its crazy and hard port side turns. But it has plenty of back-and-forth maneuvering and few straightaways. Continue reading

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2021 Hoover Fall Classic

The tour of Midwest regattas continues with the Hoover Fall Classic in Westerville. Just one event this time, the Women’s Masters 2x. Continue reading

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Head of the Hooch 2021

This post is three weeks late because I had to be in the right head space to write.
The week before planned departure for the Head of the Hooch, my Grandma took a turn. I wasn’t sure I would be racing. Continue reading

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Reflections on Head Season & Faster Masters

November is “off-season.” I know everyone’s hitting the winter training hard, but I just can’t. I am mentally and physically burnt out.

So I’m taking some “me” time and reflecting back on my head season. I used the Faster Masters program for my Head of the Charles and Head of the Hooch prep. Continue reading

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What buoy?

In my second head race, the Inaugural Sarasota-Benderson Head Race, I finished somewhat as I predicted…and not as I predicted. Friday Friday dawned under thick cloud cover and a steady wind pushing from the northeast. If it hadn’t been so … Continue reading

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My First 1x Head Race

I woke up with light in my face and worried my alarm had not functioned. I cracked an eye. The clock glowed green, “1:36 a.m.” I reached out, pushed the clock away, and closed my eyes. At the proper time, … Continue reading

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Make Way for the Novice Coxswain!

The first Head Race of the Season has passed. I vowed not to race and I did not, despite all the flack I’ve received from fellow rowers. With only three weeks to gear up for a 5k, I did not … Continue reading

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One rower, two rower, three rower, four

Coming off the water, ironically my sculling buddy and I landed on the subject of numbers and counting.  Ironic because I’d already planned to write about counting in the blog. It just proved what I’d already been thinking. Rowers are … Continue reading

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Check it out:   What a crazy day.   First I arrived at 6:45 to a “full parking lot” although I still managed to find a place by the Casey Key Fish House.  However, there was absolutely no place for … Continue reading

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