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Staying on course for Head season

The first head race of our season is this weekend. At this crucial milestone, I have to admit feeling behind in my rowing training. The Hooch is looming, and while my boat is wait listed and still lacking a confirmed … Continue reading

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Making the switch

The Hooch is two weeks gone, although it seems ages ago.  It still stinks that we didn’t do as well as we could have.  I did the math and converted the whole field’s raw times.  We still came in 7th … Continue reading

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Mini Hooch update

Today was like being shown a delicious plate of warm, soft cookies only to have it snatched away. We rowed well. By the end my legs were on fire and my head exploding from my rapid heart rate shoving oxygen … Continue reading

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Where’s the fire?

Wow. What a long day. 5:15 a.m. my alarm went off in my cozy Amish house in Sarasota and now it’s 8:30 in Chattanooga the eve before my first Hooch. The flight to Atlanta went smoothly and I sat next … Continue reading

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My crazy two weeks

Did you ever look at something and think “I can’t do this right now?”   That’s been my blog for the last two weeks.  There have been days where I looked at it thought–“I need to write about this–” but … Continue reading

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Worst day so far

I discovered last night we were not registered at the Head of the Hooch.   Today, the last day, I went on to register us. The women’s 8+ is wait-listed.

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I’ve always known that I never wanted to be a Principal or Assistant Principal.   Who wants to deal with that stress?  Unhappy parents, teachers, students, custodians, media!  All you do is make decisions where one party is pleased and … Continue reading

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