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March 2020: 31 Days That Rocked the World

When I began March, I thought I’d try making short diary entries throughout the month rather than dumping all at the end. I had no idea this would be a fortuitous decision, as coronavirus interrupted our daily lives and routine. Continue reading

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The Winter Slog

February was humble-uary. The only goal was to get moving again. Mission, accomplished. Continue reading

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Bi a Tri: Disaster & Redemption

A triathlon is so far out of my wheelhouse, I started feeling a bit nervous last night because I had no idea what to expect. I’m competitive, so naturally I wanted to do well. But with zero experience at swimming … Continue reading

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This Little Rowing Notebook is Mine

This little book is mine/ I use it all the time/ To write the workouts I do/ And how much faster I grew.   Maybe I’m a little old school in actually writing the workout results down. I could snap … Continue reading

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Training Weekend for the Pair

“Spring training” came and went too fast. I escaped the Long Winter for a weekend water training in the 2- in Sarasota! I left with tender hands tender, a sunburn, and new thoughts on my training regime. Things I learned … Continue reading

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Staying on course for Head season

The first head race of our season is this weekend. At this crucial milestone, I have to admit feeling behind in my rowing training. The Hooch is looming, and while my boat is wait listed and still lacking a confirmed … Continue reading

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