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An Apology to Crosstraining

Dear crosstraining week, I am sorry to have failed you. Not for enthusiasm or lack of planning. Au contraire, I  planned workouts for each day. It’s not that I didn’t try to cross-train. Tabata class rocked. Isolation day identified some weaknesses and … Continue reading

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Bring on the Water!

I finally put the yellow submarine in the water! Does anyone else feel like they suck during their first practice on the water in months? The first weekend of December was the last time I hit the water. Almost four … Continue reading

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You Row a Whole Hour!o

Funny little story. Yesterday’s workout started as normal. Warm-up. Some guy jumps on, pretends like he knows how to row. I stretch, program the monitor, start rowing. Guy keeps on for a half-hour piece, keeps looking at my screen, seems … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season to be Bored

Spring is upon us. Crews all over my Instagram feed are hitting the water or making preparations. Or they’re in Florida so they never stopped water training. Jealous. This has been my first year with true winter training. February sucked. … Continue reading

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I PR’d so Hard!

I knew for about three weeks I would be doing a 2k test at the end of February to establish a sprint baseline. I didn’t change my monthly training objective to prepare, but based on my 5k test and numbers … Continue reading

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Blowing Off the Dust

And a huff, and a puff, and a poof! New blog! I have decided to dust off the ol’ rowing blog and begin documenting again the struggles of amateur mature athlete with a passion for an obscure sport training to … Continue reading

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Now for something a bit different…

Two months later…. First erging session since the fracture rib. 4 x 4:00 at easiest damper, lower rate. Slightly tender from time to time but nothing unbearable or warning. A good sign. I couldn’t resist a few full pressure strokes. … Continue reading

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