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Gosh, Erg Tests Hurt.

The training week began with a planned 1k test Friday morning. You’d think with all that lead time, I’d have a testing strategy mapped out. Hahaha. Why I couldn’t wrap my head around a 1k when a 2k is so … Continue reading

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Even Rowers Have Nightmares

The other night: It was the women’s A 1x at World Masters. I’d drawn a horrible heat with TWO of my rowing friends in it, Doc H and Superwoman. I was rowing a third friend’s boat, the Prana. (In real … Continue reading

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Hitting a Motivational Pit

Defeating personal demons is the biggest competition in rowing training. Everyone has them. They lurk around every stroke, waiting to eat you up. Last week I hit a downer. Here I am, putting all this effort into training, and only … Continue reading

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Just a Rowing Training Update

The last time I updated, I was in Florida visiting my family and ill Grandpa. I’d done a 2k test before leaving. Since then, my Grandpa passed. I was grateful to be in Florida and with my family during that … Continue reading

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The Roller Coaster Ride: A Big Rowing Win And a Down

It’s good that things were going well, because inevitability things start to go bad. My grandpa ended up with a life-threatening infection after several rounds of surgery. Things looked, and are, grim. Last week I made the decision to come … Continue reading

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This Little Rowing Notebook is Mine

This little book is mine/ I use it all the time/ To write the workouts I do/ And how much faster I grew.   Maybe I’m a little old school in actually writing the workout results down. I could snap … Continue reading

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When rowing training is going right.

I tend to write when things are going tough, but it’s important to acknowledge when things are going well. My Florida training trip is paying off. I always erg better after rowing. Since my return with technical points to improve, … Continue reading

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