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Saddle up for Winter Training

The worst part about being “off” from training is getting back into the routine. My first session back started with weightlifting. I imagine Steve Urkel could have challenged me to the overhead press and won. I hit the weights much … Continue reading

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Cross-training Fail Round 2

Every time I schedule crosstraining or active rest time, I should just cross it out and write “you will be sick.” I made very elaborate plans with all kinds of fun activities and minimal erging. Swimming. Weightlifting. Pilates. Attempts at … Continue reading

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Head of the Hooch 2018

After six years if near-misses and trying, I finally earned a medal at the Head of the Hooch and it’s golden! It has been a roller coaster of training over the last five weeks. I’ve been meaning to write about … Continue reading

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World Rowing Masters Regatta- One Second Every Day

Finally getting around to uploading this. I’d put it on social but not here. If you follow this blog, you know training commenced in October. January I began documenting the process using an app called “1Second Everyday.” This is my … Continue reading

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WRMR 2018: Day 4, the Conclusion

Rough night. What you don’t know is Caelan gifted me with his head cold, which came on strong Friday. I’ve been well-dosed with allergy and cough medicine so I can breathe and stop hacking up a lung. Last night I … Continue reading

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WRMR 2018: Day 3

Today my racing started a little later. Unfortunately little man had a cry fest around 2 am, so another night of broken sleep. I am still grateful for a little lie-in. The Women’s A4+ Another composite with Asheville and the … Continue reading

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WRMR 2018 Day 2

Another early morning! We had a fierce storm around midnight that woke us up and knocked out the power to our camper. It was a Murphy’s law kind of morning. Water bladder leaked all over the chair and floor. Left … Continue reading

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