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Midwest Summer Sprints

I’m looking right, see the line of white buoys. I know the end is near. Keep going. No horn. I look left towards the shore and I can see caution tape around tents. Usually they do this to the finish line tent so idiots don’t stand in front of the timing equipment. But we pass it, so now I’m wondering, where is the crap is this finish line and the horn? Continue reading

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A Swampy Scrimmage

The team put together a singles scrimmage this morning. By the bridge, the hose is on, the sky is gushing, and water runs down my back. Continue reading

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Eating ergs for lunch

It’s a Sunday. Usually Sundays are off days, but this weekend it ended up Saturday as my rest day. I remembered that my weekend workout was short. What I didn’t remember until I looked at my training plan was I … Continue reading

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Making the switch

The Hooch is two weeks gone, although it seems ages ago.  It still stinks that we didn’t do as well as we could have.  I did the math and converted the whole field’s raw times.  We still came in 7th … Continue reading

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