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Civil War

First a gorgeous golden full moon and then we spin around to a molten sunrise.  From this morning’s row:   The Civil War My brain and my body have entered into a duel.  I’m not sure who’s winning. See, all … Continue reading

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Light at the end of the tunnel?

Midway into January I feel like I’ve slumped.  Both at rowing, where I can’t keep my back straight and engaged (which is causing me to dip forward at the catch, lose power and possibly check the boat), but on land … Continue reading

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How I dropped 10+ pounds

About this time last year, I went to Las Vegas and needed to buy a new pair of jeans.   I bought a sexy little pair of dark navy jeans that showed off my curves.  Alan liked. In July we … Continue reading

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Honk, honk!

I can’t believe I forgot this anecdote from yesterday’s row! We’d turned around.   The sun was just beginning to paint the sky crimson and gold, but it was still rather dark.  The men’s 8+ had already taken off and … Continue reading

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It’s just rowing, not rocket science.

  “It’s just rowing, not rocket science,” claimed big Coach R this morning after being displeased with our connection at the front end. If only!  Rocket science would spare my hands.  I looked down at my lap this morning on … Continue reading

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