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What buoy?

In my second head race, the Inaugural Sarasota-Benderson Head Race, I finished somewhat as I predicted…and not as I predicted. Friday Friday dawned under thick cloud cover and a steady wind pushing from the northeast. If it hadn’t been so … Continue reading

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The Half-Marathon Row

You know when you decide to do some insane task because you think it could be achievable with a little effort, and then you start doing it only to realize it was more insane than you thought? I decided to give the … Continue reading

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My First 1x Head Race

I woke up with light in my face and worried my alarm had not functioned. I cracked an eye. The clock glowed green, “1:36 a.m.” I reached out, pushed the clock away, and closed my eyes. At the proper time, … Continue reading

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The Curse of the Regatta

Inevitability, when a regatta approaches, mother nature seems to conspire against me. Saturday & Sunday I’ll be racing in Deland. Saturday will be my first head race in the 1x. Sunday will be the 15k. I’m renting a boat, a … Continue reading

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