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US Rowing Masters Nationals, Day 1 Recap

I’m not super-superstitious in general, but as rowers we have our routines. Our lucky charms. I woke up with a good feeling. All morning Caelan told me I, “had a ladybug on my back.” Then our rented quad had a cricket in it.
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Bi a Tri: Disaster & Redemption

A triathlon is so far out of my wheelhouse, I started feeling a bit nervous last night because I had no idea what to expect. I’m competitive, so naturally I wanted to do well. But with zero experience at swimming … Continue reading

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A deliciously difficult number one

The night before, I didn’t sleep–partially because of the idiots blaring America’s Funniest Home Videos next door, but also because I couldn’t calm down. The Novice 1x weighed heavily on my mind. I made it to the park in the … Continue reading

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