Where’s the fire?

Wow. What a long day. 5:15 a.m. my alarm went off in my cozy Amish house in Sarasota and now it’s 8:30 in Chattanooga the eve before my first Hooch.

The flight to Atlanta went smoothly and I sat next to Neon Crayola. We had a lovely conversation about the board.

Stroke drove to Chattanooga. In Atlanta, we became so excited about seeing Cirque du Soleil that we forgot to stay on I-75. It’s partially Siri’s fault for not reminding us. Luckily, Holly was paying attention! A quick 5-minute detour and we were right back on track! Disaster averted!

Our hotel bumped our room. Instead of double beds, they gave us a king sized room. Not too bad, until we learn its also a SMOKING room. Bleh! It’s worse than a incense shop on fire in there. Plus we have three people. We asked for a rollaway. Watching the guy trying to fit the rollaway in the room was pretty hilarious.

(Side note: just went into Nancy Paul’s room. She’s burning incense in her room to cover the smell.)

After many fall starts and delays waiting for rowers, we finally joined the queue for the water. The boat traffic was incredible! At least a dozen eights, fours, doubles, quads–even an experienced guy in a single.

The riverside is gorgeous. The trees are exploding into golds and crimson reds. There’s a little waterfall right next to the starting chute. The only issue today was the wind, coming straight out of the west on an east current river. Sheik’ra has nothing on those rollers we rowed in today! I was getting slapped on both sides and 2 seat caught a crab.

I’ve been taking pictures whenever I can and hope to post some later. For now, it’s rest and water–and an inhaler.


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