Making the switch

The Hooch is two weeks gone, although it seems ages ago.  It still stinks that we didn’t do as well as we could have.  I did the math and converted the whole field’s raw times.  We still came in 7th by the raw.   Our pictures on show the pain on our faces.  We were definitely hurting!  5 and 2 have the best faces, especially on the overhead shot.

We’ve started making the switch from 5k to 1k.   It really means a lot of lighting a match under my legs and going hard as you can for 100 strokes.

The time change is great.  We arrive at the yard a hair before 6 a.m. and row through the sunrise.

We’re also due for a 2k test (“2k before Turkey day!”) which is being hampered by this bug I’ve come down with the last few days.  I’ve missed a practice erg season and two days of strength training.    I did go out for today’s practice but rowed at half-power.  My chest now feels full of junk and the universe is conspiring against my nap.  On Friday I couldn’t even drink water without feeling nauseous.  I lived on ginger ale and Sprite, which is terrible.  I rarely drink carbonated beverages.

Wednesday brought the general membership meeting.  I was approved as Regatta Chair so now I’m in charge of organizing for regattas.   I hope I do a decent job.  I still feel like there is more for me to learn.


All the oars for the Head of the Hooch 2012.

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