My crazy two weeks

Did you ever look at something and think “I can’t do this right now?”   That’s been my blog for the last two weeks.  There have been days where I looked at it thought–“I need to write about this–” but heart just couldn’t handle it.

First, this happened:

My ring.

I headed out for a row Sunday.   I went home.  I cooked, I cleaned, I graded papers, wrote lesson plans, and talked to my husband on the phone.   While talking, I thought, “let me go get my ring out of the car.”    To my surprise, it wasn’t in the cup holder where I usually put it.  I looked under the seats, with and without a flashlight.  I became concerned.   Four hours later, after scouring the house and completely dismantling my center console, as much as possible, I came to the conclusion it had to be in the boatyard.  I remembered taking it off in the car.   All I could think of was instead of putting it in the cupholder, maybe it wound up on top of my rowing bag.  When I grabbed the bag, it fell out onto the ground.

I sent out a club email.  Many members wrote back and promised to look in the morning, as I couldn’t look until after work.   Then I had to tell my husband, who was flying back from England, that I’d lost the ring.

All day I received different emails from members who said they looked, but didn’t see it.   Right at 3:45 I jumped in the car and made the journey down to Osprey.   I slowed paced the grass between the cars and attempted shining my phone light under the vehicles.  No luck.  Defeated, I went home to my now-arrived husband.  Alan hugged me and said, “let’s go look one more time.”  We tore apart the car.  No luck.  We drove down to Osprey.  By now the kids’ practice was over and lot empty.    I walked out into the grass and said, ” I parked approximately here,” and threw down the keys.

Not one minute later, he found it.  Lucky dog.


Then the Hooch disaster happened.

I refuse to go into great detail about it.    All I’ll say is the deadline for registration was Sunday, Oct. 14.  I looked online Saturday, Oct. 13, at 11 p.m., on a whim to make sure our boats were all okay and to check our our competition.   I was horrified to see we weren’t registered.

After Sunday’s row I registered us to find all Saturday races were wait-listed.   I cussed so loud, Alan though I’d hurt myself.  Then I had to tell the team.   After all our hard work and planning, this was the worst possible thing to happen (besides not getting registered at all!)

Many members in our club worked to contact the Hooch Registrar and make it happen.   For three days, I felt sick showing up the boat yard.   Then Thursday morning the emails and text messages came pouring in–the Women’s 8+ was in!  Hallelujah!    By yesterday morning, all our boats were off the wait list.   Sweet relief!

We now have 13 days to the Hooch and three more official practices!  Bring it on!

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