I’ve always known that I never wanted to be a Principal or Assistant Principal.   Who wants to deal with that stress?  Unhappy parents, teachers, students, custodians, media!  All you do is make decisions where one party is pleased and the other is unhappy.

Didn’t someone once say, “A good compromise is when both parties are a little unhappy?”  A chinese proverb or something else?

That’s what slating is like.  You try and make the best decisions to make everyone happy, but in the end someone will be displeased.    This is especially true with the Hooch.   Other regattas, we could call up and say, “Hey–would it be possible to move the Men’s 4x a little later in the day?”    If I called the Hooch, they’d laugh and hang up the phone.   When you have 1300 boats racing in one day, you either fit their schedule or you don’t race.

Never mind that the person attempting her best to organize the team’s boats, transportation, tent (?), food (?), is someone who has never been to the Hooch!  It’s laughable!  I have no idea what the venue is like or what to expect.   I should be focusing on racing, not, will we have enough time to de-rig?  Where is the team going to hang out between racing?  Should we take a team tent or not?

I’m sure to muck up something and make someone, somewhere unhappy.  Just trying to make everyone’s dreams come true is making one person very stressed and discontent.


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