Hitting a Motivational Pit

Defeating personal demons is the biggest competition in rowing training. Everyone has them. They lurk around every stroke, waiting to eat you up.

Erging at home

Preparing for a session at home.

Last week I hit a downer. Here I am, putting all this effort into training, and only three races booked for WRMR. One being a single. I don’t want to spend all that time and effort for just three races. Especially knowing winning the A 1x is a long shot, and even a bronze will depend on some luck in the draw. I’m proud of where I am and what I can do, but without significant water time and uptick in my training, I can’t go sub-4 over the 1k on the water. It’s just reality.

I’m young still. While my 34 won’t kill handicaps like I used to, it still makes an impact.

People don’t know me very well or how I race. Just when the Rolodex circuit was picking up, I was injured on and off for a year. When I finally started picking back up again, Caelan came along. And now in Lexington, I live in a rowing black hole. There is no one here. The closest club isn’t competitive. Cincinnati, the next closest club, is a 3-hr round trip too far for me to consider. And races? I should say, lack thereof. Very few Midwestern regattas.

But this week I’ve climbed out of my depressed training black pit. (Some water time helped.) Three races or nine races, it doesn’t matter. I’m going to WRMR no matter what. I will give 100% at what is on my docket and hope for the absolute best over four minutes. Either way, I’ve won at the big game. I’m back in shape and getting stronger. I’m setting a good example for my son about independent, fit women. And, though I haven’t mentioned him too much in this blog, I have a supportive husband who nurtures my rowing addiction. Thanks for the oar bag, boo!

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1 Response to Hitting a Motivational Pit

  1. Larry Wagner says:

    Torso shift to bow prior oars in the water causes stern check, big time.

    Gb M8+ in Rio had it down to 1 foor missed water. Most other crews had 3 feet. Check takes energy to overcome. Get rid of it, and just have acceleration.

    Should try to more hip strength centric stroke. That is what squats give you, but people rowing do not use hips properly to benefit.

    Shorten reach, use hips better = greater speed.

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