Just a Rowing Training Update

The last time I updated, I was in Florida visiting my family and ill Grandpa. I’d done a 2k test before leaving.

Since then, my Grandpa passed. I was grateful to be in Florida and with my family during that time.

I’m back in Kentucky now and resuming my team of one training. I fit in four workouts during my two weeks in Florida. Something is better than nothing. Let me be clear: I regret nothing. Family first. I did what I could, but training was not a priority.

One day, the day after he passed, I was able to actually row in a single, a Fillippi. At the end of 9k, I tried a test 1k. Overall, pleased with the 4:16 result. Borrowed boat, a week of little training, no competition, little sleep the night before. Lake conditions, flat with zero motor traffic and minimal head wind.

We arrived back Tuesday morning. The remainder of the week I spent on light to moderate workouts. Now it’s the first week of June and intensity is back. Two-a-days back. My legs feel those two weeks “off.”

I had planned to row at US Southeast Masters, but my pair partner can’t make it and it seems very few other crews are going. Why should they? $55 a single is quite the fee for a traditionally sparsely attended regatta. World Rowing Masters is cheaper!

I do need more time on the water, challenging enough as it is to schedule. The rains seemed to have let off, so the river should be returning to normal flow.

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