Honk, honk!

I can’t believe I forgot this anecdote from yesterday’s row!

We’d turned around.   The sun was just beginning to paint the sky crimson and gold, but it was still rather dark.  The men’s 8+ had already taken off and our cox’n, Nancy, was determined to get us women’s 8+ past them on our 40/20s.   By the mangroves, we’d caught up.

During the next power 40, Nancy pushed us to row harder.  We could hear the clonking of the men’s 8+ and Mary, their cox’n.  Next thing I know, I hear coach R call out, “Nancy–a boat!”

We kept plowing on, Nancy counting it out stroke for stroke.   Then she blurted, “What is that?  Oh crap!  Stop rowing!  Stop!  Weigh enough!  Hold on starboard!  Hold on starboard!”

I dig in and see and feel everyone turn it around.    During all the holding, Nancy kept shouting.     She cupped her hands up, and in her hoarse voice starts screaming “Honk, honk!  Honk, honk!”   Even pretending to push the horn.

I looked back to see Captain Jake’s crab boat looming high over the water.  Luckily we stopped in time, and he was moving over.   It wasn’t hilarious at the time, but for those of you in our boat… just remember…”Honk, honk!”

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