It’s just rowing, not rocket science.

Coach Randy, Jan. 2, 2013

Coach Randy, Jan. 2, 2013


“It’s just rowing, not rocket science,” claimed big Coach R this morning after being displeased with our connection at the front end.

If only!  Rocket science would spare my hands.  I looked down at my lap this morning on a break to see little pieces of shredded skin from my hands rubbing on the oar, losing their hard-earned calluses (callusi?) after two weeks off the 8+.  Now I have a collection of new calluses and blisters from sculling, ripped open patches of skin, and oozing holes.

Rocket science wouldn’t cause my legs to burn.

I also doubt I’d have to report for duty at 5:45 a.m.

And it sure pays more!

If rowing was rocket science, the wrinkly old bear at the Y trying to get in shape on an erg machine would already have known that he was rowing like an idiot.   And I wouldn’t have caved in to need to either a) commit a public service, or, b) been that know-it-all young upstart (depending on your point-of-view) and stopped the guy to correct his form.


In other rowing updates

  • I sculled Dec. 31st and didn’t flip over, which is great because the water felt colder than the previous flip day.   Spent time on many drills, but not the joy of flipping/backing.  Actually, I did cut the cake, followed by vain attempts at square blade, which morphed into squeather-blade rowing, and 2000m of open hands.  I also focused on keeping my arms long through the drive and trying not to break the port side early. 
  • I spent two weeks successfully completing a 2-REW.  I’m not sure the running will get fit in this week.
  • I’ve put on 2 pounds, but it’s not the end of the world. I’m still down 10 pounds from last year and it’s that time.  Over break I have indulged my sweet tooth and dabbled in the art of the cocktail.   As soon as work starts back next week, I’ll resume tracking calories and laying off the vino, rum, and chocolate.

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