My Rowing Journal Lost and Found. Owner Identified from Rowing.

About two weeks ago my workout journal went missing. I tore apart the house but it remained gone. I could only conclude I’d left it at the YMCA. You might remember my wedding ring was stolen about a year ago from the Y. 😢

Rowing notebook with almost two years of workouts. Includes WRMR training.

I opened every single locker, looked in every cranny, but no luck. I asked the woman at the front desk, who simply said, “No one has turned one in,” without even actually looking anywhere because she was too busy.

I’m actually upset about this. It contains almost two years of workouts plus someone of my favorite weightlifting routines. All recorded progress, poof! Gone.

Today I decided to ask again. Same lady. Same kind of response although this time she tells me there is a lost and found. Didn’t know that. It’s a bin stuffed with damp towels and swimwear. But no notebook.

Upstairs I ask the fitness center attendant and he does what first lady should have and *actually looks* through the drawers. Fifth drawer, boom! Journal!

Yay! Happiness!

At the end of my workout, a different attendant comes up to me, “Did you get your notebook back?”

I told her yes and thank you, and she goes on.

“I saw it after my workout one day, and after looking, figured it was yours because I see you rowing all the time. I know I’d be upset if I lost my workout book.”

Warm fuzzies! She knew it was mine because I row all the time.

Thank you good people of the world. Big or small, you never know what matters to people.

Now I’m going to write my name in it.

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