Erging update

This morning I erged with a few women from the 8+ and 4x.     Our erg test is looming, so the more practice I can get with how I will react to the stresses and cardio work of urging, the better.

After a warm-up row, we set the drag factor at 100.    We were supposed to row at +6 our baseline, so I added a pace boat at 2:21.     Three of us agreed to row 20 minutes, with 3 minutes at 24 and two minutes at 26 with the last two-minute piece taken up to 28-30.    I opted to stay in time with Karen, who strokes the 8+ and 4x.  In the second set of five, the pace boat disappeared off the screen.

It’s nice to erg with other people, like Maureen said.  It helps you stay focused and present.   It helps motivate me to not wimp out.  Although, I did have a few space cadet moments and lost the rhythm and sync.    My primary concern with the erg test is consistency.   I noticed my spilt times bouncing up and down frequent during the steady state pieces.    I definitely need to work on consistent power application.

For the last two minutes we zipped up between 28, 30, and hit 34 a few times.    I managed to average 2:02 pretty consistently in the last bit.

I’m happy that my average spilt came down but the meters rowed was slightly less than the previous baseline erg test.  Granted, we weren’t rowing a test today, and in the baseline I covered the screen for a blind test, but still…I’d like to improve more.

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