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Rowing Blisters

Hamburger Hands.  Shredded Meat.   Craters of the Moon.  Rower hands. Oysters. Call them what you want, but it’s all the same.   Blisters.  If you row, you have blisters, and calluses, too. One week as I walked around my … Continue reading

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I rowed terribly today.  I’m completely disgruntled with myself.   No matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to do anything right–sync with stroke, press down at the catch, pressure on, knees down–one thing after another. My hands are even … Continue reading

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What’s the best treatment for hamburger meat?

I love vacations!  How nice to do what you want when you want, and most of all–eat all the fried green tomatoes you want!   What’s a vacation without fried green tomatoes? The worst part is coming back to rowing. … Continue reading

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