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Ergatta Accomplished

We’re walking and Alan says, “I’d like to go to REI sometime soon and try on some climbing shoes.” “Well,” I say. “Cincinnati Indoor is this coming weekend. We could go and make a day of it.” So, literally, six … Continue reading

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Where Did These Rowing Workout Numbers Come From?

I didn’t have any big expectations. I thought I’d row by feel. If the wrist acted up, I’d back off and do something else.¬†At 10:30 to go I glance down at my iPhone. I see the meters. I double take. Continue reading

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My Rowing Journal Lost and Found. Owner Identified from Rowing.

About two weeks ago my workout journal went missing. I tore apart the house but it remained gone. I could only conclude I’d left it at the YMCA. You might remember my wedding ring was stolen about a year ago … Continue reading

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Rediscovering Leg Drive and Speed

The last couple training weeks have been a “false start.” It gets going and then-whoopsie! Caelan’s sick. Start again–Mommy sick!  Start again–YMCA’s emergency closed! I have a new work schedule, too. I’ve been trying to balance increasing my work time, … Continue reading

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30k for Dec 30

The final day of my personal “meters by day” challenge. I accomplished a total of 30k on the erg. The challenge wasn’t as pure as I intended. As the meters grew, time became a huge constraint. I swapped some days … Continue reading

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Holiday Half

Still on my “meters by day” challenge. Yesterday, Dec 21, I knocked out the half marathon: 21,097. Strangely, I was looking forward to it even though the two 10ks the day before sucked. Caelan woke up not feeling well. The … Continue reading

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Saddle up for Winter Training

The worst part about being “off” from training is getting back into the routine. My first session back started with weightlifting. I imagine Steve Urkel could have challenged me to the overhead press and won. I hit the weights much … Continue reading

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