Holiday Challenge 2021

I don’t always do the Holiday Challenge, but I figured for my goals in 2022 it’s a good start.

Last year I remember going out hard and burning out week 3. I also remember getting sick somewhere in there.

I can’t control viruses, but I can control approach. I didn’t want to burn out and have to take time off. The plan:

  • Erg for at least 15k on rowing days.
  • Focus more on technique than power, especially early days
  • Do one 21k a week
  • One rest day a week

I figured mathematically, 15k a day would get me close to 400k. I’d not likely get to 400k because the last three days of the challenge we’d be gone traveling.

Holiday Row. One of two days on water in December.

The Holiday Challenge 2021 has been sufficiently challenging but I hit my target 90% of the rowing days to achieve at least 15k. The first week and a half I had some lesser days, but these were still over 10k. I did not 21k the first week.

The final week my lower back and hamstring definitely were feeling the build up and tiring out. I tried to add more stretching and yoga in the evenings. I’m glad to be done for now.

Instead of focusing so much on the meters, I focused on time. As in, “today I will row at least 90 minutes, 100 minutes, two hours, etc.” Whatever meters I got in that time, great.

Inside the four weeks I had a 6K test at a 24 rate cap. Time is decent, about top 15-20% of women, no 22 in my age group for 6ks in the Concept 2 Logbook. And that’s with a rate cap. I had the same issue I always do: go out too slow. Last strokes I was pulling sub-2:00.

The very last day CrossFit had a 4 x 500m x 3mr workout I decided to turn into a 500 meter test. I also had team erg in the morning, which was a hard steady state. I did go a little conservative on that. By the time I reached CrossFit I’d already done 17k. I used 2 and 4 as the test pieces, with 1 being a warm up and 3 still <2:00.

Actual drag was not 227. More like 118.

Still, nailed it. How fast could I have been fresher? Also faster than my 500 two years ago.

Total meters: 374,825.

Definitely would have hit the 400k if not for traveling.

Here’s staying fit and healthy rowing in 2022.

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