Spring Showers Bring New Boats

Spring is here! Annnnnddddddddd…I’m still not rowing.

Well, not technically anyway. Here’s where early spring training stands:

The Boathouse is Open…

…but we follow the “four-oar rule” and are not supposed to go out on Griggs in a 1x without a buddy when the water temperature is less than 50F. Since I know pretty much no one, and don’t feel confident about rowing in a 2x-8+ yet, I’m stuck.

I did get my first COVID-19 vaccine Friday, so I will probably add my name to the rowing list after two weeks.

I Can’t Find a Coach

I volunteered to take on coached rowing programs, wrote what I feel is great plan, but there’s one hurdle: a lack of coaches. Like, it’s seriously bad. Not only do I not know anyone, so I have no personal contacts to call in a favor, but they’re either too busy with youth/college rowing or won’t get back to me.

Seriously, every email or call is either “I’m too busy, but I’ll reach out to some contacts…” followed by nothing, or just straight up nothing. I think I’m up to 12 dead ends now. I had one coach who was “sure, I’d be interested!” but hasn’t answered me since.

So if you’re reading this, and you know someone in the Ohio or surrounding areas who would be great at coaching Master rowers in a workshop or weekend-style clinic, I really could use a solid lead! It will be paid!

I Went to Florida & Took My Sweet Ride

My Boat: 2020 Fluidesign BlueMax

Here she is: my new aquamarine beauty. A 2020 Fluidesign BlueMax. I wasn’t going to take her to Florida, but she was sitting there…so lonely…begging for water…weeks until singles are cleared…I couldn’t stand it any more. I made the last-minute decision to bring her with us on our Florida spring break. Special thank you to ROCCS in Inverness for letting me store her in the boathouse for a week.

Pictures and video don’t do her color justice.

I may be a little biased, but I do think she is beautiful. And once this engine gets some more training in, and maybe some more feedback on the rigging, hopefully she will also be pretty fast. We had some good moments together. The water just glides along the hull.

In sum, I got in five solid rows. I mean, look at this water! And I had it all to myself each day. (That was a little odd-to be rowing out of a boat house and only see people one day. But, I’m used to solo training.)

Lake Henderson, Inverness

Always a Numbers Game

Before we left, the erging numbers finally starting moving into the “you don’t suck so bad” range, crossing more into “above average but can be better” category. Progress counts. I’m playing the long game anyway.

I always erg better after rowing, but I’ve only gotten a few sessions in since we’ve been back. Still, it looks like I didn’t lose much. That’s a good place to launch spring training.

I still have to do a test to get new training parameters. Yay, testing! So much fun.

What’s Next

Naturally everyone’s excited that there might be some racing this year! Masters Nationals is on the books. I’m undecided about making that commitment. I’m leaning towards keeping my training on head race season and if it looks promising, just go with it and have fun.

I’m looking forward to more rows in my new blue beauty. I do have a name in mind but I’m waiting until after our first race together to see if it is the right one. We need more bonding experiences first.

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