Out with 2020, In With the New Year

I capped off 2020 with Concept 2’s Holiday Challenge. It was motivation to work hard on rebuilding my cardio base.

The month definitely made helped me make gains in that regard. The day after Thanksgiving kicked off with a 20-minute test. Christmas Eve finished with a 2k test. I dropped 1.6s off the average spilt and gained 58 meters. That’s a big change for four weeks of work.

I achieved 252,267 total meters. I know that’s nothing to those that finished the Great Lakes Challenge, or that old guy who put in 2M meters in the same time frame. But it’s good for me.

I originally thought I might shoot for 300k, depending on what life threw at me. Naturally, it’s never smooth sailing, so I had to ditch that target early.

Last day, holiday socks
  • Food poisoning the first weekend after Thanksgiving. Lost two good long-distance rowing days–Saturday and Sunday.
  • Midway, over-training symptoms flared up. I wanted to keep going, but my back was tweaking, everything hurt, and I was exhausted. It makes sense; I’d gone from 3-4 days erging, 3 days Crossfit, to 6 days of erging–one of those 21k–and 3 Crossfit days. I listened and took two complete days off. It definitely helped and probably saved me from injury!
  • Caelan’s teacher tested COVID-positive, so we were quarantined again for final two weeks, all the way up to Christmas.

What else has been going on with training in the last weeks of the year? Not too much. I finally upgraded the monitor from a PM2 to a PM5. Hello, ErgData and drive speed!

The rowing club’s shut back down due to COVID restrictions, but I hadn’t been rowing anyway.

After first day of Holiday Challenge

We had a 1k in a Crossfit workout and I decimated everyone, including the dudes. They crushed me on the bike/run and burpees, but whatever. Burpees are the bane of my existence.

New Year Rowing Goals

Making goals is tough when you have no idea what is about to happen. Are we going to race this year? When is my 1x coming back? Will I catch COVID? If I do, will I be able to recover?

So I’d like to think of these as flowing objectives. Maybe they’ll happen. Maybe they won’t. The pursuit of achieving them will at least keep me in shape and moving through what promises to be another stressful at least half-year.

  • Try to get 5k in 20 minutes on the erg. At the very least, PR.
  • Maybe try rowing in the Chicago Half? We’ll see on that one.
  • Row the 1x at the Head of Cuyahoga.
  • Row at the Head of the Hooch. Contemplating a 1x redo.
  • Get this stubborn COVID-5 off by spring.
Found this. If we race at the Hooch, I might buy it for Caelan. 🤪

I hope to see everyone again, in person, rowing, by the time we say sayonara to 2021!

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