Home, Sweet Rowing Home

I officially rejoined a club again this week. It’s only singles, there’s no space for my 1x in the boathouse, and I have to get approved to row the good singles, so I’m car topping still…

But I am so happy.

GCRA’s boathouse

I can’t figure out how to best express what this means to me. I did my intro and clubhouse tour Thursday. So when we were up about 4K on the reservoir, this feeling of “I am home” hit. But that’s not even the right phrase to describe it. Like the world righting? A sensation of being whole?

Essentially, I came off the water feeling like myself again. But I feel that’s not the right thing to say because of course I have been myself. I have been training, I have been rowing, I’ve done racing.

I’m just out on the water and feel like me again. I wish I could find the right words to explain it.

It’s so funny the interesting quirks I’ve developed rowing solo in a state with .001% rowing. For instance:

  • Having a big bag stuffed with gear for water, like wrenches, duct tape, and a spare hat
  • Forgetting to leave my keys in the boathouse
  • Bringing a life jacket
  • Stuffing the socks in my shirt when you can wear them all the way down to launch and recover
  • Taking socks off before getting out of the boat
  • Bringing washing supplies
  • Ant spray

Even bringing the shoes in the boat with me is not the normal here. But we would never do that, not even in SRQ. Too many stolen shoes.

I am also pleased about my decision to turn the stroke coach off. I turn on the app, so I can get the meters and data for review after, but flip it over once I get going. Both rows have been fantastic. Flat water and lots of technique work. The Fluidesign started getting some run today. I felt so good I went back out for a second row, albeit a shorter circuit than the first. But about 18k. That’s the furthest I’ve done in a long time!

Meeting the team members will be challenging with the current restrictions. But I know Julio, so that’s a start.

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2 Responses to Home, Sweet Rowing Home

  1. Terry Galvin says:

    I’ve nothing profound to say about your feeling of homecoming. Just glad that you are happy.
    Can’t believe that building lacks room for your single! At least you aren’t dripping saltwater on your car.
    When did you get the Fluidesign? I remember when you got something nice but basic.

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