The Winter Slog

An update on February’s training before half of March is over.

February was humble-uary. The only goal was to get moving again. Mission, accomplished.

Training Summary

For February, in a typical week I hit 4 erg workouts and two strength. One erg I swapped from a priority workout for an 18k row, usually broken into four 20-minute sessions and adding the remaining meters.

Training was tough. It’s amazing how much you can tank in a short time. I know where I was in November. So to see some crappy numbers is demoralizing, but I try to keep in perspective. I’m rebuilding.

I started waking up at 5:30 to do workouts. Only problem is Caelan now seems to like waking up at 6. So I can usually start an erg but can’t finish it until after he leaves for school. I don’t know if I’m ready to back the wake time to 5 yet.

Working towards getting on a schedule and routine. I adjusted to the early mornings by the end of the month. Now I’m pretty much awake and ready to go at 5:30.

The new black hole

“Classic” YMCA

Finally joined the YMCA at the end of the month. This venue is very different from the one in Lexington. Let’s call is “classic YMCA.” Think 70/80s spilt-level architecture, old paint, and spotted stained carpet floors. The pool is in a dungeon.

On the plus side, child watch offers 2.5 hours of care, so an extra half hour of training!

On the downside, it’s available fewer hours and there’s no potty for the kids. I have to check on him every 30-45 minutes and take him to the bathroom. It has a Matrix rower and no C2s. Not as many weight options, but it does have a sled. The enclosed weight room screams jock straps and testosterone.

I managed two strength sessions before the month ended.

At month’s end

I did made steady gains every week, but nothing dramatic or earth-shattering. I’m looking forward to when the adaptation switch flicks on and finally start pulling some decent numbers.

Third week my quads and arms started looking a little more defined again.

I ended with a 20-minute test. That went about as well as I expected. Room to grow.

Plans for March

I plan to add one cardio session and the additional strength training at the YMCA, at least once, hopefully 2x a week. So that’s five erg/cardio and four strength/core. Stamina is improving but definitely more road to cover. Strength is in same boat.


I watched Iron Cowboy. He said this (paraphrased):

Hard is hard. My hard is doing this. Maybe your hard is 5k. That’s still hard. One isn’t more hard than the other.

On a podcast, Marlene Royle said every gain counts. 0.1 improvement is still improvement. Which is true. 0.1 adds up over 5k.

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