Coming This Spring: the Rowing Exile is Over!

Big news I can officially announce! We are moving!

Alan has accepted a new role in Columbus, Ohio. And guess what? There are seven rowing clubs in Columbus! Two have Masters teams. I’ll be joining one in the spring as soon as we are moved and settled.

I’m looking forward to having a team experience again, and seeing how different it is after being on my own for four years.  I can’t wait to have people to train with again, to get some coaching, and yes, even a bit of the drama. What’s a rowing team without some drama?

I had intended to train for Cincinnati Indoor to defend my title, but it’s already been a huge challenge to fit training in with parenting, working, and managing the move. So it will probably be a floating situation until we are settled in Columbus.



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1 Response to Coming This Spring: the Rowing Exile is Over!

  1. Chad Terrell says:

    Congratulations!!! I was hoping you were going to say you were moving to Inverness, though! Columbus is an awesome town. You guys will love it there. Can’t wait to train with you over Christmas break.

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