March Training Update: Ribs, Bis, and Decisions

Winter hasn’t gone as I would have liked. Lots of ups (Cincinnati Ergatta) and downs (recurring illness.) I’ve been meaning to record where I’m at for a while, so here’s the reality.

Baby back, baby back, gimme back my Rib

I haven’t had it Xrayed. Is it broken or fractured? No idea. Doesn’t feel as bad as before, so I was banking on sprained or strained until Caelan jumped right on it Thursday morning. Holy freaking cow, that hurt!

Two choices: row through the pain or back off and cross train? Knowing what some of my friends went through for Worlds, part of me felt inadequate for skipping off erging. The other part said, “you have a recurring problem and nine months till HoCR. Play it safe.”

I opted to play it safe, to focus on maintaining cardio and working on strength. Lots of cycling, lifting, swimming, stair stepper. All erg sessions were capped at 3000m or 15 minutes, with a low drag, and emphasis on tech over numbers. The end of last week, when the ribs felt noticeably less sore, I bumped it to 20 minutes, then 30. I tried a low rate strength session that lasted 40 minutes. That irritated it. So I’m capped at 30 minutes for at least another week. Swimming seems to help stretch it out. Today I did a 20 minute piece with more pressure and that seemed fine .

So I’m doing a triathlon

Or, a biathlon. Our YMCA is holding an indoor tri. The running portion is on the treadmill. Before signing up, I tried it. The knee starting tweaking at 10 minutes and forced a stop at 15. It’s not worth making the knee worse. I didn’t want to set back my overall training any more than it is. They have a relay option, so my neighbor is doing the run. I’m swimming and spinning.

I’ve never done a bi or a tri or raced in the water or on the bike. This will be fun! The practice transition from swim to bike sucked! The rules require you to change into dry clothes. Nothing like squirming into a bra when you’re dripping water.

At least I have a training goal. The tri is now a week away. After that, the weather might be good enough to row! I unwrapped the boat today. Cross your fingers no more flooding!

Water, water everywhere

Speaking of water, last year’s return to training was delayed due to flooding. The situation is worse this year. We’ve had more than double the same amount of precipitation as the same time period last year, and that was a record year!

I did some training at Lake Cumberland. Remember the boat ramp I had to walk 120 steps down to water?

The water was so high a few weeks ago, that it covered where I parked the car and derigged the boat. The lake remains high above normal, with many marinas closed. Debris is a major problem.

My first row will definitely be a scouting mission. There’s sure to be new obstacles.

Those pesky 5 pounds

Confession: about two months ago, over a two week period, my body suddenly decided to pack on 8 pounds. I watched it happen totally flummoxed. Every day, more weight.

It’s sticking like super glue. The scale has been stuck on this plateau for two months. Just when it seems to be reversing, shrinking down, it pops back up. Talk about a tease!

I’m not sure why this happened and why I can’t get them off. Is it a winter thing? Less activity from being sick and stuck inside? An increase in weightlifting? I’ve been frustrated . Finally admitting it and making it public.

On the flip side, I did PR in Cincinnati with the extra weight. And I plan to keep working to lose around five of it.


Making workout plans. Every time I make a workout schedule, life busts it. Illness, special activities, weather, etc. After the tri, the goal is to get back on a regular training program again.

Fun things

This decision to cross train means I had an opportunity to go roller blading on a flukish warm February day. Yesterday I did a 1.5 mile run, 1m on/ 1m off, outside.

More sunshine means more time outside! That has been extra nice. Still cold, but better than drizzly all the time.

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