30k for Dec 30

The final day of my personal “meters by day” challenge. I accomplished a total of 30k on the erg.

The challenge wasn’t as pure as I intended. As the meters grew, time became a huge constraint. I swapped some days for spinning. I took one day a week, as I do, for rest. But on this final day, I achieved the 30k.

I broke it up into morning and afternoon. After breakfast I knocked out 10k which included a warm up. The whole family went to the climbing gym where I scaled four sport routes in between toddler monitoring. As soon we got home, I set the erg for 4000m on, two minute rest. Banged out five for a total of 30k for the day. The spilt time on pieces 2 and 3 was decent. I scaled back a bit on 4 and especially 5, which included the last 1k as a cool down. The point today wasn’t to bang out killer watts but to prove I could do distance at a decent clip, and that I can drive harder.

Overall, it felt good. Better than I anticipated. Breaking it into chunks where you can refuel and stretch helps, sure. So does aiming for distance more than a superior time. It’s nice to know I can do it. Add another 12k and change, and I’ve got a marathon.

I have other plans for Dec 31, so I won’t be erging or bicycling for the last day of 2018.

Shoulder shrug

My right shoulder has been tweaky for a few weeks, but it became particularly painful after the half. The 27k day really irritated it. There is a loss of mobility between the right and left shoulders.

I’ve been trying to add more shoulder stretches, to work on my posture during the day, and to not lay on my right side so much at night.

Dec 28 I opted to skip the erg and bike, partially due to some time issues. Instead I decided to go swimming. I wanted to see if a change in motion could help the now constant ache. Freestyle stroke wasn’t bad as long as I didn’t overextend. Breaststroke-holy cow! Serious pain. Felt the collarbone popping. Backstroke was a middle ground.

I struck with freestyle and did a bunch of laps. After, the shoulder felt better. Not gone, just better. I’m considering adding a swimming session through winter or for as long as this shoulder issue persists.

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