Saddle up for Winter Training

The worst part about being “off” from training is getting back into the routine.

My first session back started with weightlifting. I imagine Steve Urkel could have challenged me to the overhead press and won.

I hit the weights much harder and more frequently than the erg in the first week. The result was a first week of soreness. Lots of squats and lunges and side planks that reminded me it’s called active rest for a reason. I paid for my time off every workout during the first week. Mustering any the enthusiasm to do any workout was a challenge.

But it’s not how you start, it’s how you end. Second week went better. My last weight machine circuit matched pre-Hooch resistance and reps. I executed some fitness testing to find weaknesses (cardio, flexibility, finishes). Variety is important to keeping the brain engaged, motivation up. Sometimes I threw in a group class, tried a Crossfit WOD, or stole a rowing workout posted online.

When I felt weak, or behind in my training, I reminded myself my start point compared to last year. So what if I’m not leg pressing the same as I did in October? So what if I’m not banging out 3 x 6k’s. Overall, my fitness is better than December 2017.

The journey to the end game is long.

What is the end game? For me, I hope to row in my first Head of the Charles ever and not embarrass myself. That’s my goal for 2019. Anything else will be gravy.

Speaking of long, the Concept 2 Holiday Challenge started without me. I was in Florida Thanksgiving Day. I rowed instead of erged Black Friday. Since we returned, I’ve been scowling at the rower in the corner. Dreading the hours. Knowing I need them. I see friends posting their meters, and while I’m happy for them, I can’t get motivated to purposefully break 200K+ into bite-sized chunks and hammer away.

I know it’s for charity. I’ll still log the meters I do. The problem is, in March or April, whenever Northern rowers typically start getting back on the water, I might be lucky to score ONE water session a week. The bulk of my training will still be sliding back and forth staring at orange walls and parking lots. The internal motivation for the Holiday Challenge just isn’t there this year.

I’ve created a personal little December training challenge. I call it:

“Meters by Date”

To complete the challenge,  your total erg meters match the day’s date times 1000. So December 1, you owe 1000 meters. Today, December 9, I totaled 9000 meters. The total can include warm up, the main work, and cool down.

Not bad thus far. December 30…well, that will be quite the day. It’ll be my longest erg ever. I’m not sure how I’ll pull off 25K Christmas Day. That’s roughly two hours on the machine.

My Little Motivator

As I struggle with motivation, the kiddo is really blossoming as a coxswain-in-training. Several times he’s grabbed my hand, led me to the rower, and demanded I sit and row. “Mommy, ride!” or “Mommy, row!” Not him, because he can climb on the seat all by himself (proud Mom), but me.

He’ll run over to the machine if it’s standing up and insist I lower it down. “Mommy, down!” He sits and watches.

And he loves to make the seat roll back and forth. And set my workouts. I found today I was supposed to row 2732 meters. Such a sweet kid.

I Went Running

Another item I’m super jacked about is I RAN A MILE AND IT DIDN’T HURT my knee. This is a big deal to me. Maybe it wasn’t a straight mile. It was a Crossfit WOD starting and finishing with a 800 meter run. It was on a cushy indoor track.  Jogging is a more appropriate word. But I didn’t expect to finish the first half-mile, let alone a second one!

Alan warned me not to overdo it. I’m not crazy! No 5k races tomorrow here! I’ll be content and happy to stay at a mile and under for a good while.


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