Cross-training Fail Round 2

Every time I schedule crosstraining or active rest time, I should just cross it out and write “you will be sick.”

I made very elaborate plans with all kinds of fun activities and minimal erging. Swimming. Weightlifting. Pilates. Attempts at running.


If you read this, you know I’ve been struggling with head colds and coughing for a while. Alan had enough of his and went to a Doc. Mild bronchitis. So I went. I was told it was nothing, just residual irritation from being sick.

Each day after that, I got progressively worse. Killer headache. Low fever. Chills.

I went back. The nurse practitioner shoved a q-tip up my nose. You know it’s going to be bad when they warn you, but then they pause and give you a look before violating your sinuses.

No flu, but definitely a sinus infection.

So I stared feeling better pretty fast. Did some workouts over the weekend. Tuesday morning, wake up, feeling off. Thought I was just hungry.

Three bathroom runs later, that’s a no. Definitely not hungry.

My stomach has been screwed up since. I’m not sure if it was food poisoning, a norovirus, or a side effect of the antibiotic. Probably a combination. Today’s my last dose of antibiotic. I hope to start feeling better tomorrow. I’m buying probiotics to help reset my system. It’s a mess.

This happened last time I programmed cross training. Sick nearly the whole time.

If I’m going to have a training hiccup, I guess now is a good time. Between the Hooch and Thanksgiving. We’re going to Florida tomorrow, so while I hope to get a few rows, I won’t workout crazy there.

Now I intend to come back well rested and ready to attack winter training.

As for rowing, even if I wanted to, it’s a no. Last year my final row was the first week of December. This year it’s snowed twice so far. Here’s the backyard this morning.

Water? Only the frozen kind.

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