It’s the Night Before FISA and all through the town…

…rowers were stirring, dreams of gold to be found.

Tomorrow is the big day. Racing begins for me at 8:16 sharp with the Women’s A 1x. I will be glad to get this one over with! No more crazy dreams, no more twisted-up feelings, no more wondering. By 8:20 I will have a new PR.

The Prep Week

The prep week has been eventful, to say the least. Caelan through a 3-plus-hour witching hour screaming fit on the way down from Kentucky. Literally, from 11:30-3am. We had 2.5 hours sleep when we arrived at my parents house, 4pm Saturday.

Sunday I rowed a Mixed 2x in Inverness. Sloppy technique, thanks to hands not used to humidity. I wore the wrong sunscreen and paid the price. My eyes burned all the drive home and through the shower.

Monday I rowed twice, a Mixed 2x in the morning and a Mixed 2-. The afternoon 2- wrecked my hands.

Sunrise row at Inverness

When all my Tuesday training plans fell apart, I stayed long enough for a Mixed 4x in the morning before jumping on the road to Sarasota.

I am grateful for ROCCS for allowing me to train with them and row under their banner. It was almost a decade ago when I picked the sport back up as a Master. ROCCS is where I learned to scull, to flip a boat, and started racing.


Apparently RO comes directly after PO, because the check in couldn’t find my team’s roster. Turns out it was misfiled. Very helpful when you’re being hounded by the parking police at NBP to move your car and camper.

I didn’t have time to walk around the venue. Just a check in and go. The line Wednesday looked crazy, so I’m glad I stopped Tuesday on our way in.

I went down to Osprey to derig the 1x. The coach had already done this, so I stuck around to help with the rest of their boats. My little middle school kids are all grown up now! 😩

It’s a swamp!

If you row at Benderson, you need good shoes. Maybe even wellies. After Tuesday’s hard evening rain the morning grass made my flip flops useless pieces of rubber. I gave up and started walking in my socks. Water, water everywhere. The parking lot by the Mall is a soupy mess.

Practice Rows

Holly and I got out in the 2-. We had a decent practice row. Worked on our starts to find the right sequence, did some higher rates. As long as I can stay calm and relaxed, we should have a good start. Then it’s a matter of staying that way and thinking about solid technique. The 2- will be the fourth race tomorrow, and at 3:22, so I expect to be pretty tired.

Next I took Prana for a spin around the course. After hauling around the Alden Star, the Prana is like air. Easy to hoist around. Glides through the water. I carried it across NBP solo, something I couldn’t have done with the Star.

I wish I could have seen some better numbers in the 1x, but it will be what it will be. I still feel confident I will PR, shredded hands and all.

The Nerves

Staying busy keeps me from thinking about the races. I’m finding it harder to relax this time. Having a 18-month-old definitely contributes. I have to pack for me and him and Daddy while he wants his MaMa! And change Poo-Poo!

Hopefully I will get a solid night sleep. Last night he had a 1.5 hr meltdown. I’m ready for bed right now, and it’s 7pm.

The 1x weighs most heavily on my mind. Logically I know the chances of winning are slim, but that doesn’t stop the competitor in me from wanting to. Or imagining what it would be like. Or stressing about it. Yikes!

After that, everything else is gravy till Saturday.

Everything is ready. Uni is out, bags are packed, water bladder filled. Breakfast is planned. Now it’s done to a good rest.

Here’s to an uninterrupted evening!

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