One week to FISA World Masters

Where has the time gone? It’s 8pm, the zoo is in the car on I-75 in south Kentucky and we’re on our way to Florida! The big day finally arrived!

Monday, being nervous about my capabilities, I started my workout with a 1k test. Not prepared, super tired, sore muscles, thirsty, and still managed a little personal best. Worries temporarily assuaged, not relieved.

1k test

The rest of the weeks training went well. I dropped the two-a-days but kept erging plus weights or core every session.

Training Statistics

Now that training is essentially over, here’s a few fun facts:

  • Many rowers spent a year or more training for this regatta. I committed in October, 10 months ago. TMI? I’d just stopped breastfeeding.
  • As of this morning, I’ve lost 15 lbs over the last 12 months. 9.2 in the last six months.
  • I’ve set two new PBs in my 2k and my 1k. 🙂
  • I erged over 1,358,332 million meters since October 2017. I say over because not everything is in Concept 2.
  • What is confirmed is 233 workouts for a total of 98:42:10.7 hours spent getting acquainted with the machine. Since October 2017. And that’s just on the erg. not weights or spinning or real rowing.
  • I finished my Level 2 coaching.
Sayonara, ergs. It’s been real. Super real.

Meet the World’s Worst Packer

Now is the time for the world to commiserate with Alan. I am the worst person to pack with a trip. I have a five-tab spreadsheet I spend four days ruminating over each item. Asking if anything was missing. Columns list what Caelan will need for Sarasota, what Alan needs for Orlando, what I need for race day versus a workout day.

It took me the better part of two stressful days to pack the camper and the car. Yep. Two days. Alan was away, so just me.

There’s an order to it. The cooler couldn’t be loaded until today. Some of the clothes needed washing, but I didn’t want to wash until after this morning’s workout. Last night I wondered if I’m just too meticulous or just plain slow. Alan says slow.

Inevitability, despite best efforts, something is left behind. I have a rule of three. So far I’ve identified a pack of turkey and Caelan’s bear-bear. Any guesses for item number three?

Anyway, I’ll be seeing you in Sarasota soon!

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