Rhythm of the Work

It’s hard to believe two months are left until FISA worlds. 

Let that sink in. Two months.

Training hit another smooth ride after a month-long blip. The theme has been “finding a rhythm.” Numbers show I’m regaining ground and speed. Caelan and Alan were sick early in the week, which forced me to back off building. It’s probably for the best. The soreness and general fatigue signaled my body wanted a break.


Another session slaving away.

Workouts are getting more specific and special. I am not a natural sprinter. A 1k is a sprint. With September looming, more sessions focus on sprint work. High rate. Speed. Explosive legs. Stuff I hate. Stuff you must endure to adapt your body. 

This adaption phase sucks, but I saw first signs it’s happening. Last week, one speed session had a 30+ rate assignment and the 30-31spm felt relaxed. A steady rhythm. All 15 pieces were consistent. Thursday the same happened with a 4 x 1500m at 28+ workout. I managed a consistent 34+ workout on one of Caelan’s sick days. Weightlifting sessions are posting gains, too.

What stands out about training recently:

>Rowing is such a wonderfully complex sport once you dig into what moves a boat. I’ve been playing around with technique and data, specifically watts, force curves, drive speed, recovery speeds. The experiments validated what I’m doing and my weaknesses. That was fun to see it backed up with numbers. Some of it justified the technique former coaches advocated. I know this stuff, but it was a nice reminder.

>Music. There’s a Linkin Park album I throw on sometimes. It transports me back to when I could run. I’d listen to the same album while shuffling around the Amish hood. It takes you a journey, and makes a long steady state piece pass nicely. Finding the right beat kills my workout or motivates the time to fly. I’ve uncovered new songs to add to the erging playlist, like “Row, Row” by Zeal & Ardor. “Row, row, row you fool!” 

>I hit my race weight goal and have managed to maintain for about a week. That’s good news. 🙂

>Alan’s able to come to Worlds! So I’ll have Alan and Caelan with me in Sarasota. Probably Fowler, too.

>The temptation to erg shame is back. Many terrible non-rowers jumping on the machines next to me. I treat it as good practice on “keeping my head in the boat.” There is one guy, though, who if I see again must tactfully as possible encourage to watch some technique videos. And yesterday these two guys were occupying the rowers. I jumped on the treadmill next to them while waiting for them to move along and overheard this gem:

“This really isn’t that hard. Just timing, coordination.” I snorted. Literally. Not a drop of sweat, just chilling as he “rows,” complaining about his girl to his just as terrible home boy. His screen was on cals and he was averaging 523/hr, or around 2:45 spilt.

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