When rowing training is going right.

I tend to write when things are going tough, but it’s important to acknowledge when things are going well.

My Florida training trip is paying off. I always erg better after rowing. Since my return with technical points to improve, my workout numbers have dropped. Sessions have been tough, but I feel more motivated to dig through.

Caelan has been healthy, and that means we have not been sick. Slowly, but surely, I seem to be dropping weight without crazy diet adjustments. I could always eat better, and will keep working on staying healthy, eating nutritious food, and drinking water. Indoor training session

The next three months I consider to be very important for World Rowing Masters Regatta training. I can’t do much to change the water situation, but I can keep plugging away at training. This week started my first two-a-day sessions. Up until now, I’ve had a lot of flexibility built into my training to account for unexpected (baby) things, but I dropped some of that. I still need some wiggle room, but I must hit certain targets.

Fun fact: I’m drafting this during a long spin session.

Is it strange I’m looking forward to my next 2k test? It’s a few weeks off, but I can’t wait to see how fast I can go.

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