An Apology to Crosstraining

Dear crosstraining week,

I am sorry to have failed you. Not for enthusiasm or lack of planning. Au contraire, I  planned workouts for each day.

Tabata set upIt’s not that I didn’t try to cross-train. Tabata class rocked. Isolation day identified some weaknesses and brought new challenges (try a Nordic curl, anyone?). Loved swimming! I felt seriously fast gliding through the water, but I was probably a turtle. Still, I can make-believe. On the day family came late and stayed late, I tried running, but the old knee problem said, “Nope, still here!”

Life happened. The full training plan fell short. I’m really sorry.

First, a friendly neighborhood stomach virus visited Caelan. Yum. Then Caelan shared it with me, sweet baby. At least it spared me more than Daddy. I had to cut training short to run to the store. I missed an unexpected day because family stopped in late. Caelan broke out in a rash that turned out fine but sent us to the doctor.

So, cross-training week, I’m really sorry. I had such high expectations, but I barely knew ye. Now I have to get back to my regularly scheduled erging and rowing and weight training.

Row on!

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1 Response to An Apology to Crosstraining

  1. Larry Wagner says:

    Cross training that does not mimic rowing joint angles is close to useless. Simulate. Thus stair sprints of two or three stairs per stride, ir bounding sprints work. Cycling bent works; riding upright, not so much. Plus cycling is one leg at a time not near the full body intensity of rowing.

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