Bring on the Water!

I finally put the yellow submarine in the water!

Does anyone else feel like they suck during their first practice on the water in months?

The first weekend of December was the last time I hit the water. Almost four months married to a erg. Today it the last day of March.

Kentucky’s spring weather this season has left much to be desired. Two BIG late season snows, a roller coaster between cold and less cold, and nearly nonstop rain. The sun came out for the first time ALL WEEK today. And the highs reached the 50s. Yay!

I rowed on a new location, Lake Linville in Mount Vernon. That’s so Alan could work on his parents’ house and Mimi could watch the baby. Want people to stare at you? Drive a rowing shell down I-75 in Kentucky.

The Lake makes a bit of an “L” with two fingers, each about 2k, give or take. Wind had a wicked chop at the launch. Local fishermen were taking advantage of a decent weather day and were sipping around all over the place.

I tried to make it a technique row, but I can’t help staring at the numbers. When you think you’re going faster than the stroke coach says, that’s demoralizing. Like a 13 stroke rate instead of your perceived 18spm.

And steering? Hahaha. That was always a problem before winter hit, and in that wicked head/crosswind, keeping point was like throwing darts in a hurricane.

I did take the time to do some drills in a sheltered cove I found. Essentially I scouted the whole lake, rowing along the shore line. I tried to coach my catch timing, but it’s hard. I kept working on different things- cheat high, open chest, inhale the catch, hang, thumbs pushing out…but when you can’t see yourself, you’re constantly wondering if it’s the right change.

Don’t get me wrong. Super happy to have squeaked in a row! The lake is mostly farms, fishing cabins, and woods, and I saw a bald eagle. Why not make it in a mix of chop, flat, head and tailwind? A little disappointed it was only 9k, but figured that’s a decent go when it’s the first day back in the tank. Last night’s kettlebell workout finally feels like it worked something out.

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2 Responses to Bring on the Water!

  1. Larry Wagner says:


    analyze your weight work.
    Do the motions and angles match your power drive in the boat, and on the erg. If not, wrong weight training.

    Slide work is wrong … everywhere.
    Almost all rowers have stern check, and are not smart enough to understand it is not necessary. Dump it, and accelerate into the catch.
    Sound tempting ?

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