‘Tis the Season to be Bored

Spring is upon us. Crews all over my Instagram feed are hitting the water or making preparations. Or they’re in Florida so they never stopped water training. Jealous.

This has been my first year with true winter training. February sucked. Every day blended into the next. Yet another erg. *Sigh.

At least I made gains.

Rowing is equally tough physically and mentally. Beating the inner wimp into submission and whole-heartedly jumping on the session is a necessary evil. I learned a lot about boxing with the inner voice in February.

The problem now, being March, is I know water days are around the corner. But most of my rowing training will still be erging, because baby. I will have to find a way to stay inspired while everyone else posts pretty sunrise photos over the water.

So, on this blog day, sitting down for another long session, a 15k piece, at the same erg, the same window…it’s mentally tiring. I understand why northern crews escape South for spring break training.


Sometimes I count how many semi-trucks go by on the Interstate during an interval.

I am looking forward to breaking the monotony with more cross-training. For the last week of March I plan to take an erg break. Workouts will be other stuff. Keeping weightlifting, but maybe some more spinning, swimming, classes.

Don’t misunderstand me. I have been doing some cross training, but it’s still inside. The walls are still orange, the same lifting nerds are dropping cleans, and the parking lot hasn’t moved.

It’s much easier to do outside work like bicycling with baby in the spring than when the high is 34F. That, and his helmet finally fits. Bonus points: resistance training!

Only six months, two weeks to go…

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